Admin Area

Welcome to the Admin Area of the Indiana University. You'll find here pointers to the available runtime admin-level interfaces and admin-level guides on how to configure and run the Invenio system.

Invenio comes as a suite of several more or less independent modules. You'll find brief descriptions for each admin module below. (More background information on each module may be read in the modules overview article.)

Admin HOWTO guides

Admin HOWTO Guides give you you both short and not-so-short recipes and thoughts on some of the most frequently encountered administrative tasks. They tend to answer various admin-level questions of a rather general level. The specific tasks are better addressed by module-specific guides and interfaces presented below.

Data acquisition related modules

The metadata input into a running Invenio system can be done in two ways: (i) admin-oriented batch mode, i.e. OAI Harvest to get data from OAI repositories, BibConvert to convert any input data into XML MARC, and BibUpload to upload XML MARC files into Invenio; and (ii) author-oriented interactive mode, i.e. WebSubmit to submit documents via Web. Once the data are uploaded in Invenio, you may want to modify them via BibEdit to edit the metadata.

Admin Module Admin Description Admin Interface Admin Guide
OAI Harvest Admin Enables you to configure OAI metadata harvestor for eventual periodical batch upload of data. For example, you can define from where to harvest, with what periodicity, how to transform data before uploading them into Invenio, etc. See also OAI Repository Admin to expose your data to other harvesters. OAI Harvest Admin Interface OAI Harvest Admin Guide
BibConvert Admin Explains how to use bibliographic data convertor. Useful for batch upload of data. For example, when migrating the metadata from your old system, or when integrating metadata acquisitions from non-OAI sources, or just about any line-based not-so-well-structured metadata. command-line program BibConvert Admin Guide
BibMatch Admin Tools for matching XML MARC files against the repository content. Useful when importing third-party metadata files. command-line program BibMatch Admin Guide
BibUpload Admin Enables you to configure eventual local special operations to be done on the data being uploaded. command-line program BibUpload Admin Guide
WebSubmit Admin Enables you to configure the submit interface and logic for various document types. For example, you can define which metadata fields should be submitted for various doctypes, what to do with the inputted values before uploading, possible peer review and approval strategy, etc. WebSubmit Admin Interface WebSubmit Admin Guide
ElmSubmit Admin Enables you to configure the submission of documents by electronic mail. command-line program ElmSubmit Admin Guide
BibEdit Admin Enables you to directly manipulate bibliographic data, edit a single record, do global replacements, and other cataloguing tasks. BibEdit Admin Interface BibEdit Admin Guide
BibCheck Admin Enables you to manage BibCheck configuration files. BibCheck is used to verify and correct records. BibCheck Admin Interface BibCheck Admin Guide
Publiline Admin Enables you to approve documents by using a complex approval workflow. None Publiline Admin Guide
BibAuthority Admin Enables you to configure Authority Control in Invenio. None Authority Record Admin Guide

Data provision related modules

The metadata output from a running Invenio system to the end-user is covered by several modules: BibIndex to index the metadata, BibRank to eventually rank them, BibFormat to format them for the output, WebSearch to provide search interfaces and search engine.

Admin Module Admin Description Admin Interface Admin Guide
BibIndex Admin Enables you to configure "word files", i.e. to define which bibliographic fields are indexed into which word indexes. The word indexes are then used by the search interface. For example, you can define that the logical author index is constructed from physical 100 $a and 700 $a bibliographic tags, you can force reindexing of the fulltext index, etc. Manage indexes

Manage logical fields

BibIndex Admin Guide
BibRank Admin Enables you to configure various ranking methods to be used by the search engine. You can rebalance existing ranking sets, create new ranking methods, etc. BibRank Admin Interface BibRank Admin Guide
BibSort Admin Enables you to configure the sorting methods displayed to the user. You can update the sorting data for a particular set of records, you can rebalance all the sorting data, you can remove all the sorting data associated with a method. BibSort Admin Interface BibSort Admin Guide
BibClassify Admin Enables you to automatically classify documents according to keyword taxonomies and thesauri. command-line configuration BibClassify Admin Guide
BibFormat Admin Enables you to specify how the bibliographic data is presented to the end user in the search interface. You can decide that titles should be presented in bold font, that for each author an automatic link to author's home page should be created according to some receipt, etc. BibFormat Admin Interface BibFormat Admin Guide
BibSword Client Admin Enables you to consult and refresh the status of the forwared record to any SWORD Remote Server. It also gives information about the SWORD configuration and credential of the Remote Server. Finally, this function allows admin to forward record from Invenio to any configured Remote Server. BibSword Client Admin Interface BibSword Client Admin Guide
OAI Repository Admin Enables you to define which records should be tagged to be exposed via the OAI Repository gateway, so that other other repositories can harvest your records. See also OAI Harvest Admin to import data into your repository. OAI Repository Admin Interface OAI Repository Admin Guide
WebSearch Admin Enables you to configure the search interface for various metadata collections. You can define new collections and organize them in the tree, you can define various portalboxes that would appear on the screen, you can define search options and search fields to present, etc. WebSearch Admin Interface WebSearch Admin Guide
WebStat Admin Enables you to configure the usage statistics reporting system. command-line configuration WebStat Admin Guide
WebJournal Admin Enables you to configure and run an online journal hosted on your Invenio server, using the same tools and concepts at those you use to manage bibliographic data. WebJournal Admin Interface WebJournal Admin Guide

WebJournal Editor Guide

Personalization related modules

Invenio interface can be personalized to suit different needs of different end-users. This functionality is covered by several modules: WebSession to identify users and their personal configurations, WebBasket to provide personal baskets or document carts, and WebAlert to set up personal email notification alerts.

Admin Module Admin Description Admin Interface Admin Guide
WebSession Admin Enables you to inspect the status of guest sessions and to expire them; the status and details on registered users, etc. not available, but see the guide for the command-line way WebSession Admin Guide
WebBasket Admin Enables you to inspect and manipulate user baskets set up on the system, to make them public/private, etc. not available, but see the guide for the command-line way WebBasket Admin Guide
WebAlert Admin Enables you to inspect and manipulate user alerts set up on the system, to run the alert engine, etc. not available, but see the guide for the command-line way WebAlert Admin Guide
WebComment Admin Enables you to manipulate readers comments and reviews, see which ones were reported as abuse/spam, delete them, etc. WebComment Admin Interface WebComment Admin Guide
WebMessage Admin Enables you to configure the messaging system. command-line configuration WebMessage Admin Guide

System glue modules

Modules that provide the necessary glue for those presented above are: BibSched to manage and schedule bibliographic tasks, WebAccess to define role-based access control system to all Invenio services, and WebStyle to define a common look and feel of Invenio web pages.

Admin Module Admin Description Admin Interface Admin Guide
BibSched Admin Enables you to inspect bibliographic task queue, to postpone or reschedule jobs, to make priorities, to run periodical tasks, etc. command-line program BibSched Admin Guide
WebAccess Admin Enables you to define who has got access or admin rights on various Invenio modules. For example, you can define that John is the bibliographic data manager, that Jim can modify the search interface pages, that Jill is the submission approval editor, etc. WebAccess Admin Interface - Full functionality
Full interface. Manage, grant, revoke any right.

Delegate Rights - With Restrictions
Delegate your rights for some roles.

Manage Accounts
Enable, disable, and modify accounts.

WebAccess Admin Guide
WebStyle Admin Enables you to customize default Invenio page style and the CSS style sheet. not available, but see the guide for the command-line way WebStyle Admin Guide