WebSession Admin Guide

This Admin Guide is not yet completed. Moreover, some admin-level functionality for this module exists only in the form of manual recipes. We are in the process of developing both the guide as well as the web admin interface. If you are interested in seeing some specific things implemented with high priority, please contact us at iusw@indiana.edu. Thanks for your interest!

Guest User Sessions

Guest users create a lot of entries in Indiana University tables that are related to their web sessions, their search history, personal baskets, etc. This data has to be garbage-collected periodically. This is done via a bibsched program, the Invenio Gargabe Collector (InvenioGC):

   $ inveniogc -s 1d

The Invenio Gargabe Collector can be used for keeping clean and slim other areas of Invenio, too:

Usage: /opt/cds-dev/bin/inveniogc [options]
Command options:
  -l, --logs            Clean up/compress old logs and temporary files.
  -g, --guests          Clean up expired guest user related information. (default if nothing is specified)
  -d, --documents       Clean up delete documents and revisions older than 3650 days
  -a, --all             Calls every cleaning action.
Scheduling options:
  -u, --user=USER       User name to submit the task as, password needed.
  -t, --runtime=TIME    Time to execute the task (now), e.g.: +15s, 5m, 3h, 2002-10-27 13:57:26
  -s, --sleeptime=SLEEP Sleeping frequency after which to repeat task (no), e.g.: 30m, 2h, 1d
General options:
  -h, --help            Print this help.
  -V, --version         Print version information.
  -v, --verbose=LEVEL   Verbose level (0=min, 1=default, 9=max).
You can use InvenioGC for cleaning old logs (e.g. BibSched task logs) and temporary files, by specfying the --logs option on the command line, or very old revisions of documents, by specfying --documents.

Please see also the HOWTO Run guide.