Publiline Admin Guide

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The Publiline module was initially created for the ATLAS experiment at CERN as a means of approving/rejecting ATLAS documents as Scientific Notes. This guide will outline how to configure the various actors in this module in order to have a fully functional document approval workflow. In order to understand the configuration process, however, please refer to the "Using Publiline" section.


Configure Publiline

Step 1 : Define a Publication Committee Chair

Step 2 : Create a Group

Step 3 : Define Project Leader(s)


Overview and usage

Now that Publiline is configured, you can go back to the submission window and request appoval for a document. You must ensure that you are the owner or curator for the document you wish to request approval for, else you will be denied the right to do so. By requesting approval, you should receive an email confirming the request and the Publication Committee Chair should also receive an email asking him/her to assign a referee to make a reccommendation for your document (see the Figure below).

The Publication Committee Chair can access the Publiline module in order to select a referee. Once a referee is assigned, he/she will be notified by email of this as well as all members of the group you created. The referee is then able to make a recommendation using the features in the Publiline module. Once this recommendation is made, the Publication Committee Chair is notified, and he/she makes a final recommendation by taking into account the decisions of both the Group and the Referee. As soon as the Publication Committee Chair's decision has been entered, the Project Leader is notified. He/she then makes the final decision of whether to approve or reject the document based on the feedback from the PCC, Referee and Group. A diagram of this workflow is shown below.