WebAlert Admin Guide


This Admin Guide is not yet completed. Moreover, some admin-level functionality for this module exists only in the form of manual recipes. We are in the process of developing both the guide as well as the web admin interface. If you are interested in seeing some specific things implemented with high priority, please contact us at iusw@indiana.edu. Thanks for your interest!


Indiana University users may set up an automatic notification email alerts that would send them documents corresponding to the user profile by email either daily, weekly, or monthly. It is the job of the WebAlert module to permit this functionality.

Configuring Alert Queries

Users may set up alert queries for example from their search history pages.

Administrators may edit existing users' alerts by modifying the user_query_basket table. (There is no web interface yet for this task.)

Running Alert Engine

The alert engine has to be run each day in order to send users email notifications for the alerts they have set up:

   $ alertengine
HINT: You may want to set up an external cron job to call alertengine each day.