Geographic context of the Green Pistachio of Bronte, a protected designation of origin product

The Green Pistachio of Bronte is an Italian protected designation of origin (PDO) product that was officially recognized by the European Union in 2010. These pistachios are grown on Mt Etna’s western slope in a specific area of thin volcanic soils and rugged terrain that inhibits the use of mechanized agriculture. Bronte pistachios are known for their distinct flavor, bright green color, and unique organoleptic properties that are intimately linked to their place of origin. They are highly prized in the food industry and can sell for more than double the price of other pistachios on the global market. Mapping landscapes that give rise to specialty food products like the Green Pistachio of Bronte facilitate understanding of the connections between food, culture, and environment within a specific geographic context. Mt Etna’s powerful presence in the landscape adds to the unique characteristics of this product and its place of origin.

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Mar 07 2018
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Jun 28 2019
Journal of Maps
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