Information Exchange and Policy Adoption Decisions In the Context of U.S. State Energy Policy

A persistent question in the literature on policy adoption and diffusion focuses on the ways in which jurisdictions gather policy information. Decades of research have offered numerous conclusions regarding knowledge transfer mechanisms assumed to drive diffusion. While important, we suggest that the characteristics of existing work may have limited what we know about the exchange of policy information. Most studies infer learning indirectly and, as a result, the literature has tended to focus on exchange between geographic and ideological peers, to the exclusion of other channels. As an alternative, this study takes a more direct approach and draws on a survey of 112 U.S. expert informants in the area of energy policy. We use the information exchange channels revealed by these informants to predict the diffusion of renewable portfolio standards and electricity deregulation among the American states in order to determine if they offer explanatory leverage beyond the “traditional” channels.

Publication Date:
Mar 19 2018
Date Submitted:
Nov 30 2018
State Politics and Policy Quarterly

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