Hybrid Dielectric-loaded Nanoridge Plasmonic Waveguide for Low-Loss Light Transmission at the Subwavelength Scale

The emerging development of the hybrid plasmonic waveguide has recently received significant attention owing to its remarkable capability of enabling subwavelength field confinement and great transmission distance. Here we report a guiding approach that integrates hybrid plasmon polariton with dielectric-loaded plasmonic waveguiding. By introducing a deep-subwavelength dielectric ridge between a dielectric slab and a metallic substrate, a hybrid dielectric-loaded nanoridge plasmonic waveguide is formed. The waveguide features lower propagation loss than its conventional hybrid waveguiding counterpart, while maintaining strong optical confinement at telecommunication wavelengths. Through systematic structural parameter tuning, we realize an efficient balance between confinement and attenuation of the fundamental hybrid mode, and we demonstrate the tolerance of its properties despite fabrication imperfections. Furthermore, we show that the waveguide concept can be extended to other metal/dielectric composites as well, including metal-insulator-metal and insulator-metal-insulator configurations. Our hybrid dielectric-loaded nanoridge plasmonic platform may serve as a fundamental building block for various functional photonic components and be used in applications such as sensing, nanofocusing, and nanolasing.

Publication Date:
Jan 16 2017
Date Submitted:
Aug 10 2018
Scientific Reports
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