Optimal percolation on multiplex networks

Optimal percolation is the problem of finding the minimal set of nodes whose removal from a network fragments the system into non-extensive disconnected clusters. The solution to this problem is important for strategies of immunization in disease spreading, and influence maximization in opinion dynamics. Optimal percolation has received considerable attention in the context of isolated networks. However, its generalization to multiplex networks has not yet been considered. Here we show that approximating the solution of the optimal percolation problem on a multiplex network with solutions valid for single-layer networks extracted from the multiplex may have serious consequences in the characterization of the true robustness of the system. We reach this conclusion by extending many of the methods for finding approximate solutions of the optimal percolation problem from single-layer to multiplex networks, and performing a systematic analysis on synthetic and real-world multiplex networks.

Publication Date:
Nov 16 2017
Date Submitted:
Aug 10 2018
Nature Communications
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