How marketing capabilities and current performance drive strategic intentions in international markets

Drawing from two strategic views of the firm—the capability-based view and performance-feedback theory—this study examines the role of both marketing capabilities and current market performance as potential influencers of two key aspects of the intended future competitive strategy of firms operating in international markets: efficiency and marketing differentiation. Hypotheses are developed and tested in a survey of a sample of British exporting manufacturers. The findings are supportive of a more prominent role of marketing capabilities over recent market performance on future strategic intentions in export markets. Additional analyses of firms with an already established market position reveal a clear effect of informational capability on marketing differentiation and of product development capability and current market performance on efficiency intentions. We also find that target international market competitive intensity is a direct driver of efficiency-related but not differentiation-related strategic intentions.

Publication Date:
Feb 20 2017
Date Submitted:
Aug 10 2018
Industrial Marketing Management
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