Acoustofluidic waveguides forlocalized control of acoustic wavefront in microfluidics

The precise manipulation of acoustic fields in microfluidics is of critical importance for the realization of many biomedical applications. Despite the tremendous efforts devoted to the field of acoustofluidics during recent years, dexterous control, with an arbitrary and complex acoustic wavefront, in a prescribed, microscale region is still out of reach. Here, we introduce the concept of acoustofluidic waveguide, a three-dimensional compact configuration that is capable of locally guiding acoustic waves into a fluidic environment. Through comprehensive numerical simulations, we revealed the possibility of forming complex field patterns with defined pressure nodes within a highly localized, pre-determined region inside the microfluidic chamber. We also demonstrated the tunability of the acoustic field profile through controlling the size and shape of the waveguide geometry, as well as the operational frequency of the acoustic wave. The feasibility of the waveguide concept was experimentally verified via microparticle trapping and patterning. Our acoustofluidic waveguiding structures can be readily integrated with other microfluidic configurations and can be further designed into more complex types of passive acoustofluidic devices. The waveguide platform provides a promising alternative to current acoustic manipulation techniques and is useful in many applications such as single-cell analysis, point-of-care diagnostics, and studies of cell–cell interactions.

Publication Date:
Aug 21 2017
Date Submitted:
Aug 10 2018
Microfludics and Nanofluidics
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