Looking across High Impact Practices: First-Year Student Democratic Awareness and Democratic Participation

Creating educated and informed citizens for our diverse democracy has long been one of the objectives of the U.S. educational system. Traditionally, service-learning has been the primary tool for colleges and universities to promote civic outcomes; however, other practices, particularly those requiring substantial student investments of time and energy, also hold the potential to improve civic outcomes. Using data from nearly 13,000 first-year students who responded to the National Survey of Student Engagement's Civic Engagement module, we found that service-learning, learning communities, and research with faculty were positively and significantly correlated to two measures of democratic engagement. The results have important implications for how postsecondary institutions promote civic outcomes.

Publication Date:
Sep 01 2018
Date Submitted:
Jul 12 2019
Journal of The First-Year Experience & Students in Transition, 30, 2

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