Hubble Space Telescope Proper Motion (HSTPROMO) Catalogs of Galactic Globular Cluster. VI. Improved Data Reduction and Internal-kinematic Analysis of NGC 362

We present an improved data-reduction technique to obtain high-precision proper motions (PMs) of globular clusters using Hubble Space Telescope data. The new reduction is superior to the one presented in the first paper of this series for the faintest sources in very crowded fields. We choose the globular cluster NGC 362 as a benchmark to test our new procedures. We measure PMs of 117 450 sources in the field, showing that we are able to obtain a PM precision better than 10 μas yr$^{−1}$ for bright stars. We make use of this new PM catalog of NGC 362 to study the cluster's internal kinematics. We investigate the velocity-dispersion profiles of the multiple stellar populations hosted by NGC 362 and find new pieces of information on the kinematics of first- and second-generation stars. We analyze the level of energy equipartition of the cluster and find direct evidence for its post-core-collapsed state from kinematic arguments alone. We refine the dynamical mass of the blue stragglers and study possible kinematic differences between blue stragglers formed by collisions and mass transfer. We also measure no significant cluster rotation in the plane of the sky. Finally, we measure the absolute PM of NGC 362 and of the background stars belonging to the Small Magellanic Cloud, finding a good agreement with previous estimates in the literature. We make the PM catalog publicly available.

Publication Date:
May 14 2018
Date Submitted:
Jun 28 2019
Astrophysical Journal
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