Dark matter search in nucleon, pion, and electron channels from a proton beam dump with MiniBooNE

Aguilar-Arevalo, A. A. ; Backfish, M. ; Bashyal, A. ; Batell, B. ; Brown, B. C. ; Carr, R. ; Chatterjee, A. ; Cooper, R. L. ; deNiverville, P. ; Dharmapalan, R. ; Djurcic, Z. ; Ford, R. ; Garcia, F. G. ; Garvey, G. T. ; Grange, J. ; Green, J. A. ; Huang, E.-C. ; Huelsnitz, W. ; de Icaza Astiz, I. L. ; Karagiorgi, G. ; Katori, T. ; Ketchum, W. ; Kobilarcik, T. ; Liu, Q. ; Louis, W. C. ; Marsh, W. ; Moore, C. D. ; Mills, G. B. ; Mirabal, J. ; Nienaber, P. ; Pavlovic, Z. ; Perevalov, D. ; Ray, H. ; Roe, B. P. ; Shaevitz, M. H. ; Shahsavarani, S. ; Stancu, I. ; Tayloe, R. ; Taylor, C. ; Thornton, R. T. ; Van de Water, R. G. ; Wester, W. ; White, D. H. ; Yu, J.

A search for sub-GeV dark matter produced from collisions of the Fermilab 8 GeV Booster protons with a steel beam dump was performed by the MiniBooNE-DM Collaboration using data from 1.86 × 10$^{20}$ protons on target in a dedicated run. The MiniBooNE detector, consisting of 818 tons of mineral oil and located 490 meters downstream of the beam dump, is sensitive to a variety of dark matter initiated scattering reactions. Three dark matter interactions are considered for this analysis: elastic scattering off nucleons, inelastic neutral pion production, and elastic scattering off electrons. Multiple data sets were used to constrain flux and systematic errors, and time-of-flight information was employed to increase sensitivity to higher dark matter masses. No excess from the background predictions was observed, and 90% confidence level limits were set on the vector portal and leptophobic dark matter models. New parameter space is excluded in the vector portal dark matter model with a dark matter mass between 5 and 50     MeV   c$^{−2}$. The reduced neutrino flux allowed to test if the MiniBooNE neutrino excess scales with the production of neutrinos. No excess of neutrino oscillation events were measured ruling out models that scale solely by number of protons on target independent of beam configuration at 4.6 σ .

Publication Date:
Dec 12 2018
Date Submitted:
Jun 28 2019
Physical Review D
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