Survey of HIV mothers in Botswana: Feeding methods, support, status disclosure and infant testing

A survey of HIV positive mothers in Botswana, Africa, all enrolled in a PMTCT programme, was conducted. A total of 305 mothers from randomly selected sites volunteered and completed the survey related to infant feeding, disclosure of HIV status, infant testing, and support from family and clinic services. The majority of mothers used formula feeding (64%) with their infants and almost half of the mothers indicated that they believed breastfeeding to be unsafe. The majority of mothers reported having disclosed their HIV status to partners and family and felt they had benefited from having done so. Social stigma did not appear to be a significant concern for the mothers in this study. Overall, mothers were very positive concerning the support they received from partners, family, and medical/clinic services. HIV testing was reported for 178 babies with 5 (3%) found to be positive for HIV. A discussion of the findings, along with recommendations for areas needing further study and attention, is provided.

Publication Date:
Jul 30 2018
Date Submitted:
Jun 28 2019
Journal Of Pregnancy and Reproduction
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