Maxon and roton measurements in nanoconfined $^4$He

We investigate the behavior of the collective excitations of adsorbed $^4$He in an ordered hexagonal mesopore, examining the crossover from a thin film to a confined fluid. Here we present the inelastic scattering results as a function of filling at constant temperature. We find a monotonic transition of the maxon excitation as a function of filling. This has been interpreted as corresponding to an increasing density of the adsorbed helium, which approaches the bulk value as filling increases. The roton minimum exhibits a more complicated behavior that does not monotonically approach bulk values as filling increases. The full pore scattering resembles the bulk liquid accompanied by a layer mode. The maxon and roton scattering, taken together, at intermediate fillings does not correspond to a single bulk liquid dispersion at negative, low, or high pressure.

Publication Date:
May 10 2018
Date Submitted:
Jun 28 2019
Physical Review B
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