Search for deviations from the inverse square law of gravity at nm range using a pulsed neutron beam

We describe an experimental search for deviations from the inverse-square law of gravity at the nanometer length scale using neutron scattering from noble gases on a pulsed slow neutron beam line. By measuring the neutron momentum transfer ( q ) dependence of the differential cross section for xenon and helium and comparing to their well-known analytical forms, we place an upper bound on the strength of a new interaction as a function of interaction length λ which improves upon previous results in the region λ < 0.1     nm , and remains competitive in the larger- λ region. A pseudoexperimental simulation is developed for this experiment and its role in the data analysis is described. We conclude with plans for improving sensitivity in the larger- λ region.

Publication Date:
Mar 22 2018
Date Submitted:
Jun 28 2019
Physical Review D
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