Cryogenic trapped-ion system for large scale quantum simulation

Trapped-ion systems are among the most promising hardware candidates for large scale quantum computing and quantum simulation. In order to scale up such devices, it is necessary to engineer extreme-high vacuum (XHV) environments to prevent background gas from disrupting the ion crystal. Here we present a new cryogenic ion trapping system designed for long time storage of large ion chains. Our apparatus is based on a segmented-blade ion trap enclosed in a 4 K cryostat, which enables us to routinely trap and hold over $100^{171}$Yb$^+$ ions for hours in a linear configuration, due to low background gas pressure from differential cryo-pumping. We characterize the XHV cryogenic environment measuring pressures below ${10}^{-11}\,{\rm{Torr}}$ by recording both inelastic and elastic collisions between the ion chain and the molecular background gas. We also demonstrate coherent one and two-qubit operations and nearly equidistant ion spacing for chains of up to 44 ions using anharmonic axial potentials, in order to enable better detection and single ion addressing in large ion arrays. We anticipate that this reliable production and lifetime enhancement of large linear ion chains will enable quantum simulation of models that are intractable with classical computer modeling.

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Jun 28 2019
Quantum Science and Technology
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