Entangled Pauli principles: The DNA of quantum Hall fluids

A formalism is developed for the rigorous study of solvable fractional quantum Hall parent Hamiltonians with Landau level mixing. The idea of organization through "generalized Pauli principles" is expanded to allow for root level entanglement, giving rise to "entangled Pauli principles". Through the latter, aspects of the effective field theory description become ingrained in exact microscopic solutions for a great wealth of phases for which no similar single Landau level description is known. We discuss in detail braiding statistic, edge theory, and rigorous zero mode counting for the Jain-221 state as derived from a microscopic Hamiltonian. The relevant root-level entanglement is found to feature an AKLT-type MPS structure associated with an emergent SU(2) symmetry.

Publication Date:
Mar 19 2018
Date Submitted:
Jun 28 2019
Physical Review B (Rapid Communications)
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