Understanding and Improving the Activity of Flavin-Dependent Halogenases via Random and Targeted Mutagenesis

Flavin dependent halogenases (FDHs) catalyze the halogenation of organic substrates by coordinating reactions of reduced flavin, molecular oxygen, and chloride. Targeted and random mutagenesis of these enzymes has been used to both understand and alter their reactivity. These studies have led to insights into residues essential for catalysis and FDH variants with improved stability, expanded substrate scope, and altered site selectivity. Mutations throughout FDH structures have contributed to all of these advances. More recent studies have sought to rationalize the impact of these mutations on FDH function and to identify new FDHs to deepen our understanding of this enzyme class and to expand their utility for biocatalytic applications.

Publication Date:
Mar 28 2018
Date Submitted:
Jun 28 2019
Annual Review of Biochemistry
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